What is Memory Back Guarantee??

Itís a very enjoyable process where the results are:

Solid Memory

Fast Learning

Always Find Your Keys

Call New Acquaintances by Name

Build Self Confidence

Feel Great About Yourself

Connect Thoroughly with others

To hear more about how Memory Back Guarantee works, just press the play button below.

Easy Genius

If you've come here to take a look at Chance's award winning book, some samples can be found on our Tips and Tools page.

About Chance Massaro, Master Presenter of Memory Improvement Seminars

View the intro of Chance's Memory Back Guarantee Seminar below

Chance wants to share with the world the simple secrets of how the brain works and how to work it so that everyone may learn fast and remember what they want.

Among his many accomplishments, Chance has written three books: Outlines for study skills, a workbook for nontraditional and re-entering students, Easy Genius, the award winning workbook for people of all ages, and Easy Genius at Work, a workbook for people in organizations who wish to learn fast and communicate more effectively.

Chance has designed and delivered courses for junior colleges, training seminars for elder care activity directors and staff, and training seminars for adult children of aging relatives. All in all, chance has delivered over 500 Mind Aerobic Seminars to people of all ages. The clients he has worked with include Avalon of Sonoma, Brookdale Senior Living, Merrill Gardens of Sonoma, Vineyard Commons of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Senior Center, Sebastopol Senior Center, Healdsburg Senior Center, and Santa Rosa Junior College.

Chance's education includes an M.A. in Education, a Secondary Teaching Credential, and a Junior College Credential, all from San Francisco State University. He has also been trained by the "Company of Experts" as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

You can contact Chance through our contact page: Contact Page.

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